In a world overflowing with conflicting opinions
May I choose silence
When belittled and ridiculed for things that define me
May I hold my peace
For the value of words is not in oppression
Nor in boasting or fiction
But a simple gesture could make all the difference
Between causing rifts and soothing hurts

The less you project, the more you introspect
The more you reveal, the less you hold dear

If words make a man or a woman
If deeds were the natural outcome of desires
How much destruction or restoration
Would the thoughts we deem fit for expression bring about

Words are only potent if they are true
Change can only occur if injustice and evil are exposed
There will be accusations and insults
Sentences and condemnations
If you are not throwing the stones, you must be guilty

Words can be arrows and daggers
Or flowers and streams
In the wild where violence and cacophony abound
May every word we utter have meaning