Cool by Association

It’s funny how we create an image of ourselves by what we associate with. The music we listen to, the shows we watch, the places we visit, the clothes we wear, the food we eat– all serve to represent how special we are.

This is the superficiality that has become part of our nature. Viewed objectively, it is an expression of what we aspire to be, or how we perceive ourselves. While subjectively, it is a desperate attempt to express ourselves and create an identity that we’re comfortable with.

A show. A spectacle. A fabrication.

Does anything authentic exist? We copy and paste from ideas that are recycled over and over while claiming ownership of them. Maybe that’s why the theory of being gods and goddesses is so prominent. We believe we are creating life by making decisions that make no difference in the bigger picture.

Everything we say and do is an extension of who we are, so we ensure that people take notice of our ramblings and intellectual leanings. It’s ironic that even discussing it shows how pretentious we are.

Maybe we should just accept it since we can’t change it. I mean, who are we to change the status quo. And what would happen if people just stopped projecting their realities on to each other? It’s hard to picture that kind of scenario. Imagine being stripped of all the qualities that define you and becoming the factory version of yourself. No apps, or extra memory, or customized settings.

Maybe that’s utopia.

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