There’s something unexplainable about human existence that makes us want to willingly make someone we desire happy. It might be a person who shocks us and makes us rethink our lifestyle, or it might be someone who makes us dream of building a house and planting a garden.

Whatever it is, it fills our minds with dreams inspired by novels and movies that we cherish.

I’ve always pictured living in a small cottage, “far from the madding crowd,” with someone who would sing for me as she tidied the house and wink at me across a crowded room. Part homely and naughty. It’s probably just a reflection of how I see myself.

That imagery is straight out of a Thomas Hardy set with Victorian frocks and gentlemen on horses who had pistol duels. Perhaps, I picture myself as a hero who whisks his lover away from a villain.

As exciting as that may sound, shooting someone does not bide well with the long arm of the law.

It’s more realistic to meet someone while you are going about your daily routine and start from there. How the story plays out is always a surprise because matters of the heart are unpredictable.

It is wiser to tread carefully and never expect someone to fit our fantasies. The best relationships are the ones that occur naturally without too much interference.

It might not be the fireworks that you always dreamed of, but it will be true.