Length and Breadth

It tilted at an odd 10-degree angle as it curved around the hillside. Makes one wonder how they laid the tar. Imagine if tar wasn’t as sticky and pasty as it is. If the tar was watery, it could have flowed due to the tilt and made it impossible to lay the road. This tar was intact, and after sundown seemed to reflect the dark sky with its twinkling inhabitants.
A honk from behind and ahead. A yellow barricade, tottering on three legs because of some unskilled blacksmith who didn’t double-check his work, obstructed the footpath. The bus stand situated a little way behind was still bustling with people returning home after work. There was the semblance of chaos amidst the calm workings of a day drawing to its end.
With a cellphone to her ear, she struts along the white lining on the edge of the road. Unperturbed by everything around her and focused on the familiar voice reassuring her. A bulky lorry rolls around the bend, and an unidentifiable shape tumbles off the top. A crash and a thud, then a scream. The cellphone hits the unforgiving tar and instantly blinks off. Moments pass before vehicles start collecting at the scene. A massive log has partially blocked the road, and people gather around. Someone calls for help on his phone while another group starts trying to move the log out of the road. There is a broken cellphone on the side of the road, but no one notices.